Sede y aulas del congreso


C/ Madrid, 1 19001 Guadalajara. Universidad de Alcalá. Facultad de Educación


949 20 97 31 ( Conserjería )
949 20 96 60 / 87 ( Secretaría de Alumnos )

Correo electrónico

how to get to the University of Alcalá

How to get to the venue

Where to park near Guadalajara venue.
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by train.
Please check this link by train.

By bus from Alcalá
There will be a daily bus for AELFE from Hotel parked at the intersection of Calle Bulgaria and Calle Reino Unido
by the main entrance of Hotel Rafael: Free of charge.
Please check this map.

Hotels for the conference

Due to shortage in lodging in Guadalajara (there is no way to get a room on Friday night), we recommend you to book in Alcalá. There will be a free bus from Alcalá to Guadalajara (place still undecided but most likely near Puerta de Madrid) at 8:00. The return bus will be at 22:00 (fater the conference dinner) on the first day and at 20:00 on the second. If you beeok with free cancelation policy by now you will get excellent deals. We have not arranged special prices but good hotels for two people begin at 40€ at . We have not arranged special prices because most of the hotels offer standard rates which, in fact, are more expensive than the online prices.
Remember that Alcalá is a large 20,000-inhabitants city so verify that your hotel is near Plaza Cervantes or near Puerta de Madrid.


We have arranged special prices for Hotel Rafael – Alcalá (4 star sup).

June 22 and June 23 June 24 and June 25
Double room for individual use 74,00 €+VAT * 55,00 €+VAT *
Double room 82,00 €+VAT * 60,00 €+VAT *

* Price per room. Price also includes breakfast buffet
This price would be recommended for latecomers as before can be more reasonable through different hotel sites (check Trivago) but without breakfast. Other than that, we recommend you to arrange your own lodging around Plaza Cervantes or Puerta de Madrid. We recommend you to arrange your lodging as soon as possible. There are different festivities on those days.


23 de junio 2016
Visita a pie de la ciudad.
24 de junio 2016
Cena de tapas del congreso incluida
25 de Junio 2016
Visita a Alcalá de Henares Opcional (de pago)

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