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Areas of Research

Research interests

Most of my research has focused on contemporary English literature. Nevertheless, my research interests have been broadly speaking interdisciplinary, in the sense that they concern the point of contact and overlap between various aspects of genre theory, comparative literature, reception studies and the history of literary censorship. On the other hand, focusing on my own teaching practice with Spanish students of English has also led me to cultivate an interest in teaching and learning strategies in the foreign language classroom.

Here are some of my areas of research:

Current Research

I am currently working on a critical edition in Spanish of the book by Peadar O'Donnell Salud: An Irishman in Spain, as part of a research project entitled “ The impact of the Spanish Civil War on culture and literature in English: the forgotten texts”, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy (Reference FFI2013-47983-C3-1-P).

I would welcome graduate students in any area of contemporary English fiction, and I am particularly interested in supervising interdisciplinary projects on reception studies and censorship.

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