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  • “Biotransformation of selenium in fermentation processes and development of selenium-enriched foods. Bioavailability studies with in vivo assays”. PhD: María José Sánchez Martínez. Supervisors: Yolanda Madrid y Teresa Pérez-Corona. Place: Facultad de Ciencias Químicas. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 13th November 2014. Mark: Sobresaliente Cum Laude.
  • “Nitrocatechols derivatives from hydroxytyrosol. Synthesis, bioavailability and evaluation of their antioxidant and neuroprotective capacity”. PhD: Elena Gallardo Morillo. Supervisors: José Antonio González Correa, José Luis Espartero Sánchez and Raquel Mateos Briz. Place: Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad Málaga. 1st December 2014, Mark: Sobresaliente Cum Laude.


  • “Mechanism of action of cocoa flavonols in hepatic cells during insulin resistance and diabetes. Study in cultured cells and experimental animals”. PhD: Isabel Cordero Herrera. Supervisor: Sonia Ramos Rivero. Place: Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 6th  July 2015. Mark: Sobresaliente Cum Laude con Mención Europea.
  • “Nuevas estrategias analíticas para la determinación de moléculas con actividad biológica y para el estudio metabolómico de muestras complejas”. PhD: Miguel Guijarro Díez. Supervisors: María Luisa Marina y Antonio Crego. Place: Universidad de Alcalá. 17th July 2015. Mark: Sobresaliente Cum Laude.
  • “Synthesis, characterization and biotransformation of selenium nanoparticles. Application to antioxidants packaging”. PhD: María Palomo Siguero. Supervisor: Yolanda Madrid. Place: Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 24th  September  2015. Mark: Sobresaliente Cum Laude.
  • “New methods of collection and analysis of plant extracts enriched  iminosugars with bioactive properties”. PhD: Sonia Rodríguez Sánchez. Supervisors: Mari Luz Sanz y A. C. Soria. Place: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 25th September 2015.
  • “New methods of extraction and fractionation of bioactive carbohydrates”. PhD: Laura Ruiz Aceituno. Supervisors: ML Sanz and L. Ramos. Place: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 27th November 2015 .
  • “Analysis of organic pollutants in human biological samples with chromatographic techniques”. PhD: Monica Bartholomew Jimeno. Supervisors: Alejandrina Gallego Brown Bald Stang and Algeria. Place: UNED. 19th December 2015.


  • “New methods for determination of benzodiazepines in biological samples of interest.” PhD: Ana Maria Gil Tejedor. Supervisors: Pilar Fernandez Hernando and Jesus Senen Joy Durand. Place: UNED. 11th January 2016.
  • “New analytical strategies of continuous selective extractions coupled to liquid chromatography to determinate antibiotics in biological samples”. PhD : Asunción García Mayor. Supervisors: Rosa Maria Martinez and Pilar Fernández Garcinuño Hernando. Place: UNED. 18th January 2016.
  • “Development of new isolation methods to determinate and preconcentrate 1-hydroxypyrene in biological samples”. PhD: Montserrat Serrano Valenciano. Supervisors: Alejandrina Gallego Stang and Rosa Maria Martinez Garcinuño. Place: UNED. 19th January  2016.
  • “Study, development and application of molecular imprinting polymers to determinate antibiotics in milk by high resolution liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection (HPLC-UV).” PhD: Beatriz Elena Soledad Rodriguez .Supervisors: Jesus Senen Durand Garcinuño Joy and Rosa Maria Martinez. Place: UNED. 21st January 2016.
  • “Bioaccumulation, toxicity and interaction of methyl mercury and selenium species.” PhD: Susana Cuello Nuñez. Supervisors: Yolanda Madrid and Carmen House. Place: Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 22nd January 2016.
  • “Cleaning of plasticized PVC: methodology applicable to artworks and museum objects -Limpieza del PVC plastificado: metodología aplicable a obras de arte y objetos de museo”. PhD: Clara Morales Muñoz. Supervisors: Jon Sanz- Landaluze and Christian Dietz. Place: Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 1st February 2016.
  • “Preparation and Application of Quinidine Functionalized Monolithic Columns for Chiral Separation By Micro-HPLC”. PhD: Qiqin Wang. Supervisors: María Luisa Marina y Zhengjin Jiang. PhD thesis carried out in the University of Alcalá in co-tutorized with Jinan University (Guangzhou, China). 2nd June 2016.
  • “In vitro study of the antiglicant capacity and action mechamisms of the agri-food subproducts. Obtention of an antiglicant vegetal extract and its evaluation in food and cell model matrixes”. PhD: Marta Navarro Gómez. Supervisors: Francisco J. Morales. 20th December 2016.



  • “New mass spectrometric strategies for the obtantion and quantification of platine biomages and the determination of proteins linked to platined drugs in nephrotoxicity studies”. PhD: Irene Moraleja San José. Supervisors: M. Milagros Gómez Gómez y Mª Luz Mena Fernández. 2nd June 2017.
  • “Role of CD69 molecule in the inflammation and angiogenesis regulation by means of bioanalytical strategies”. PhD: Raquel García. Supervisors: José Luis Luque García. 16th June 2017.