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Version history for Biomodel-3

July 2014
Version Biomodel3v15: Dual J(S)mol version based on stored preference.
July 2014
Version Biomodel3v14a: Fix for some technical issues and update to J(S)mol version 14.2.2.
February 2014
Version Biomodel3v14: Dual version using either Jmol/Java or Java-less JSmol, both version 14; the Java version is certified by 'Integrated Graphics' according to the new security requirements.
The JSmol version uses HTML5 technology, compatible with computers, tablets and phones.
An expansion was added to the monosaccharides page, to demonstrate the beta configuration of fructose. Thanks to Ana García for suggesting this.
January 2013
Version Biomodel3v12: First version using JSmol 13.3 (Jmol without Java, pure JavaScript + HTML5). Based on v10. May run on tablets and smartphones as well as computers.
January 2013
Version Biomodel3v10a: Minor code changes for compatibility with the upcoming Java-less version.
January 2013
Version Biomodel3v10: An expansion was added to the disaccharides page, with maltose and cellobiose. Thanks to José Luis Escuer for suggesting this. Improvements in the amino acid tables.
December 2010
Version Biomodel3v9a: Some improvements in bilayer page and in the amino acid tables. An error fixed in isoleucine spacefill model.
January 2010
Version Biomodel3v8a: A few pages (mouse help, color scheme for elements) had been left in Spanish. They are now in English again.
January 2009
Version Biomodel3v8: The Jmol panel resizes automatically with its container frame or the browser window. Several internal improvements in code and functionality. Fixed structure of adenine. Adapted for Jmol 11.6. Uses a simplified pop-up menu in Jmol.
January 2007
Version Biomodel3v7a: correction of typo in polysaccharides page and fix in 2nd nitrogenous bases page.
December 2006
Version Biomodel3v7: small bug fixes and adaptation to Jmol 11.0.
May 2006
First version in English, by translation of Spanish version Biomodel3v6.

For history of previous versions (in Spanish), visit Biomodel's website.