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General Information

When buttons like this are clicked on, a molecular model is loaded in the left panel. (Click now, if you haven't done it yet. The first model can take a while in showing up.)
In this case, a ball & stick model of alanine has been loaded.

Another example: click here  and the alanine molecule will change into sticks, or here  and it will change into a spheres model, or spacefilling.

NOTE: The result of clicking the buttons can have a delay; it is not advisable to click repeatedly; you must wait until the file is read and processed (observe the status line, in the lower edge of the browser window, it will say: Jmol script completed )

Sometimes, to modify models already loaded, checkboxes or radio buttons are used.

Click and drag with the left mouse button (or finger in a touch-screen device) in order to rotate the molecule at will.

Using the mouse or finger you can also translate the molecule in several directions, zoom in or out. Click here to see a summary of how to use the mouse or finger in this presentation.

The standard color code for display of atoms is called CPK:

(Click on any symbol to get more information)
At the bottom of every screen you will find these options: 
that allow to move between pages, change the font size, go to the index page, or review how to use the mouse (finger in a touch-screen device).

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