Primary Faculty

Manuel Franco: Group’s Coordinator

Manuel Franco

Manuel Franco MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Division of Epidemiology and Public Health
School of Medicine
Universidad de Alcalá
Tel (34) 91 885 2522 – Fax (34) 91 855 4874
email: mfranco@uah.es

Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Epidemiology
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
email: mfranco@jhsph.edu



Julia Díez: Research Assistant.

photo julia web

” Interested in social epidemiologic methods, the interaction between built and social environments and health, and specifically the role of the food environment in relation to diet-related health outcomes.”

Damián Fuentes: Administrative Assistant.

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Damián Rafael Fuentes Cuenda, graduate in law and industrial property lawyer, he is currently pursuing his PhD focusing on the economic impact of intellectual property rights of indigenous people.

Damián has worked for three years in the European Projects Office of the University of Alcalá. He is currently the main administrative person for the ERC funded project “Heart Healthy Hoods”.


Usama Bilal: Doctoral Student


“Interested in population-wide effects on cardiovascular disease, including macrosocial factors, race/class/gender inequalities and neighborhood effects on health.”

Pedro Gullón: MPH Student 

Pedro Gullón

“My research interest is social epidemiology, particularly neighborhood research and how social norms and urban form determines physical activity.”

Elena Ojeda: MPH Student


“Interested in how social factors can affect people’s health. Specially in those works trying to make people conscious of their environment, focusing on reducing health inequalities and changing the perspective on health issues by empowering individuals”

Silvia Alfayate Gallego: Undergraduate Student

Silvia Alfayate

“Main research interest: influence of our neighborhoods in daily physical activity and the effect in CVD prevention.”

María Urtasun: Doctoral Student.

UAH Researchers

Francisco Escobar: co-researcher. Professor at UAH.

Francisco Escobar

“Francisco Escobar’s research interests lie on geospatial information analysis and visualization. His work focuses on social applications of GIS and geospatial dynamic modeling”

María Sandín: co-researcher. Professor at UAH.
Jesús Rivera Navarro: co-researcher. Professor at USAL.

Jesús Rivera Navarro

“My research interest is the study of social problems in chronic disease -specially in aging-, quality of life in persons affected by several diseases and informal caregivers.”

Marta Gutiérrez Sastre: co-researcher. Professor at USAL.

Marta Gutiérrez Sastre

“My research lines focuses on social inequality in regards to health, gender, immigration and social classes, throughout qualitative methods”

Ángel Asúnsolo del Barco: Professor at UAH.
Francisco Bolúmar: Professor at UAH.

Adjunct Researchers

Isabel del Cura
Carlos Martinez de la Serna
Olga Redondo
Javiera Valdés.
Esperanza Escortell
Miguel Ángel Luque 
Sergio Ricardo Mispireta Loli

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“Interested in epidemiology and research methodology in social issues, particularly the influence that certain stressors can have on our mental and physical health, as well as the role that the family can play in these determinants and their effects.”