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Carlos Mario Gómez Gómez

Profesor Titular de Fundamentos del Análisis Económico

Universidad de Alcalá


Last Publications:


Lago,M; Mysiak, J; Gómez, C.M.; Delacámara, G. and Maziotis, A. (2015) Use of Economic Instruments in Water Policy: Insights from International Experience. Global Issues in Water Policy 14 Springer.

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Drought Management Plans and Water Availability in Agriculture. A Risk Assessment Model for a Southern


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Gómez, C.M. Interwies, E. and Görlitz, S. (2013). Concerns About Water Trading And How We Are Dealing With Them: An Introduction. In: Maestu, J. (ed.) Water Trading and Global Water Scarcity Resources for the Future Press. Routledge. Taylor and Francis Group. UK.

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Design and Development of Economic Policy Instruments In European Water Policy. EPI-Water Guidance. December 2013.

Changing current practice in the application of EPIs to achieve the objectives of the WFD: Issues and Options. EPI-Water Discussion Paper. 1. February 2013

Ensayos | Other papers

Gómez, C.M. Tirado, M.D. y Lozano, J. General Equilibrium Analysis and Water Policy Evaluation. Second International Workshop on implementing economic analysis in the Water Framework Directive Paris, February 17 & 18.

Gómez, C.M. y Gómez, C. May Environmental Preferences Lead to Political Options Against Free Trade: Insights from MERCOSUR .

Gómez, C.M. Metodología de la Investigación en Economía


Docencia | Teaching

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Intermediate Macroeconomics (Course in English 2008-2009)

Desarrollo Económico (2008-2008)

Macroeconomía Avanzada II (Doctorado) (2008-2009)

Macroeconomía II (Curso 2007-2008)

Microeconomía IV (Curso 2005-2006)

Historia del Pensamiento Económico (Curso 1998-1999)

Microeconomía II (Doctorado)  (Curso 2005-2006)