Cristina Calle Martínez, Slavka Madarova, Jesús García Laborda


First of all, we, the editors, need to apologize for the delay in this year’s publication. The editorial team this year has been fighting against a number of issue and we want to express our sorrow to those all over the world who have lost those most beloved ones in this COVID-19 Pandemia. Let’s hope that this year will be better. In relation to this volume, we had a large amount of rejections since our interest is to improve the quality of the journal in just about two years including a much earlier publication date. Thus, this year we will be accepting papers until June 30. We understand this may limit the number of incoming papers, but we definitely will jump further into a higher quality journal that puts Encuentro Journal in the international place that it really deserves. Six articles published in this issue cover three main areas of interest: first, language learning and methodology are in focus; next, new approaches to improve English writing and oral skills. Finally, the last section concentrates on the attitudes and perception of teachers about the English lessons in foreign education systems and on translation studies.


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