Forest Ecology and Restoration Group

The Ecology and Restoration Group is a multidisciplinary group formed by researchers from the Life Sciences, Physics and Mathematics Departments of the University of Alcalá and researchers from other Spanish research institutions. The group has experience in the study of Ecology, Conservation and Management of ecosystems, from grasslands to forests. We work in different disciplines in Ecology, from Ecophysiology and Biogeography to Evolutionary Biology and interdisciplinary Global Change research in collaboration with many research groups around the world. Our research is complemented with outreach activities on restoration, conservation and sustainable management of forests in Europe and Latin America. The group is involved in the teaching of Biology and Environmental Sciences (undergraduate degrees), the Master in Ecosystem Restoration and the Ph.D. program in Ecology, Biodiversity and Global Change.

Main research areas:

  • Global change and biodiversity
  • Forest regeneration and dynamics
  • Mathematical population dynamics and time scales
  • Ecosystem vulnerability and adaptation assessment
  • Restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services

Research lines:

  • Distribution patterns of forest ecosystems and abiotic, historical and evolutionary determinants.
  • Mechanisms that determines the structure and function of forests using large-scale data and modeling approaches.
  • Effect of habitat loss and fragmentation on biodiversity.
  • Ecosystem services provided by forests and their vulnerability to Global Change.
  • Development of forest restoration methods and improvement of animal habitats.