Forest Ecology and Restoration Group

The Ecology and Restoration Group is a multidisciplinary group formed by researchers from the Life Sciences Department and the Mathematics Department at the University of Alcalá (Madrid). FORECO ranks the high perfomance group number 32 out of 114 from Experimental Sciences and Technology. The group has a broad experience in the study of the Ecology, Conservation and Management of Mediterranean ecosystems, from grasslands to forests. Our focus covers different disciplines in Ecology, from Ecophysiology and Biogeography to Evolutionary Biology and interdisciplinary Global Change research. These studies are complemented with outreach activities related to restoration, conservation and sustainable management of forests and woodlands in Europe and Latin America. The international theoretical and applied research is complemented by teaching activity, including Undergraduate degrees (Biology and Environmental Sciences), Masters (Master in Ecosystem Restoration) and Ph.D. (Ecology, Conservation and Restoration of Ecosystems).

Currently the main Group research areas are:

  • Global change and biodiversity
  • Forest regeneration and dynamics under global change
  • Mathematical models: time scale and population dynamic models.
  • Ecosystem Vulnerability and Adaptation assessment
  • Restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by forests

The research lines developed by the Ecology and Restoration Group include:

  • To determine biogeographical distribution patterns of forest ecosystems and establish abiotic, historical and evolutionary determinants.
  • To increase our understanding of underlying mechanisms that determines the structure and function of forests through the use of large-scale data and adequate modeling approaches.
  • To identify the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on biodiversity.
  • To evaluate the ecosystem services provided by forests and its vulnerability under global change.
  • To transfer the research group knowledge to forest restoration, conservation and climate change adaptation.
  • To develop methods for forest restoration, including habitat for animals.
  • To integrate research, teaching and training of students in Ecology and Forest Restoration.
  • To establish International Collaborations with Universities, Research Institutions, Companies and other institutions with common objectives to increase the quality and quantity of the research outcomes.