Call For Exhibitions and Demos

October 4-7, 2016 - University of Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Since the first edition, IPIN conferences have become an excellent forum to bring together researchers, developers, industries and service providers in positioning and indoor navigation, forming a large and active community working in this sector. In average terms, more than 200 participants have attended every previous IPIN edition, with more than 30 countries involved and very significant research and academia centers, as well as companies. IPIN 2016 is a good opportunity for companies, industries, institutions, spin-offs, etc., to show their last research, results, and products.

Two types of participation have been defined for this edition: Exhibitions and Demos; and Competition Track Sponsorship.

Exhibitions and Demos

Those institutions/companies interested in showing any type of exhibition, demonstration, or product related to the IPIN topics are invited to apply for a stand during the conference dates. They will receive a complimentary registration and the opportunity to show a scheduled demo.

Alternatively, there is a single demo option for those institutions/companies that only require a temporal slot in the program (likely in parallel with other sessions) to show any exhibition about their products. They will also receive a complimentary registration.

Competition Track Sponsorship

Any institution/company becoming a Competition Track Sponsor will be advertised in all the information related to the corresponding competition track. They will be provided with a complimentary registration for IPIN16, and they will enjoy special conditions for exhibition stands if they are interested in.

All institutions/companies, interested in anyone of the previously explained ways of participation, are invited to contact the IPIN 2016 organization via email at the following address: For further details, please contact the IPIN 2016 conference organization too.