The conference organized two types of submisssions: Regular Papers and Work-in-Progress (WIP) papers. Accepted Regular Papers were submitted to IEEE Xplore for publication while accepted WIP papers were published in USB proceedings (ISBN 978-1-5090-2424-7) that were distributed on site to all attendees. The USB proceedings also included the accepted regular papers.

USB Proceedings Content (not available at IEEE Xplore)

Link: usb/start IPIN2016.html

Best Papers Awards

  • Manuel Lopez-Antequera, Nicolai Petkov and Javier Gonzalez-Jimenez, "Image-based localization using Gaussian processes".
  • Jaehyun Yoo, H. Jin Kim, and Karl H. Johansson, "Mapless Indoor Localization by Trajectory Learning from a Crowd"
  • Nel Samama, Alexandre Vervisch-Picois and Thierry Taillandier-Loize, "A GNSS-based Inverted Radar for Carrier Phase Absolute Indoor Positioning Purposes. First experimental results with GPS signals"

Best Poster Award

Marco Cimdins, Mathias Pelka and Horst Hellbrück, "Investigation of Anomaly-based Passive Localization with Received Signal Strength for IEEE 802.15.4".