Two tutorials will be likely offered in parallel on Tuesday, the 4th of October, afternoon. Registration for the tutorials is an option on the conference registration form. We would appreciate if you could register at the same time as you register for the conference so that we can arrange to have adequate classroom space and course materials available. The organization will organize and publish the final timetable of tutorials depending on the confirmed attendance.

Tutorial 1

Acoustic Positioning Systems

Dr. Fernando Álvarez
University of Extremadura, Spain

Dr. Fernando J. Álvarez is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation at the University of Extremadura (Spain), where he leads the Sensory Systems Research Group. He holds BSc and MSc degrees in Physics, a MSc degree in Signal Theory and Communications and a PhD in Electronic Engineering. His current research is focused on the design of Acoustic Local Positioning Systems (ALPS).

Tutorial description
This tutorial discusses the fundamentals of acoustic positioning, with an special focus on those systems based on mobile devices. It begins with a review of basic acoustic positioning concepts and a background on traditional solutions. The main differences between this technology and other alternatives are then discussed to emphasize its advantages and limitations. Some recent strategies developed to tackle these problems are further discussed and illustrated with real-word examples.

The tutorial will be conducted by Dr. Álvarez, together with Dr. José M. Villadangos (University of Alcala).

Tutorial 2

Fingerprinting-based Indoor Positioning

Dr. Raúl Montoliu
Jaume I University, Spain

Dr. Raúl Montoliu is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Senior Researcher in the Institute of New Imaging Technologies (INIT), both from Jaume I University. His current research interest is focused on the development and evaluation of new fingerprinting-based indoor positioning methods.

Tutorial description
Fingerprinting-based indoor positioning is one of the most popular techniques to provide user location. This tutorial introduces the fundamentals of fingerprinting-based indoor positioning methods, explaining real use cases where fingerprinting approach is suitable. In particular, it is focused on Wi-Fi based fingerprinting. It will have a strong practical aspect since participants will be invited to develop a complete indoor positioning system during the tutorial. In the last part of the tutorial, some recent strategies to deal with the main problems of this kind of techniques will be presented.

The tutorial will be conducted by Dr. Montoliu, together with Dr. Torres-Sospedra (Jaume I University), Dr. Pérez-Navarro (Universitat Oberta Catalunya) and Dr. Conesa (Universitat Oberta Catalunya).

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