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Timetables and dates


Class schedule and start of the course

The different modules of the Master’s degree combine  onsite instruction combined with online instruction in the following schedule:


Module 1: October, 2-31: Online classes.

Module 2: November, 2– December, 21: Specialised classes (onsite).

Module 3: January, 8 –March, 1: Specialised classes (onsite).

Onsite class schedule: Monday to Thursday 16:00 – 20:00 (November – March).

Module 4 and 5: March – May/September: Internships in companies and institutions and writing of Master’s Thesis. Schedule: depending on the company

Deadline for handing in the Master’s Thesis: June, 4/September 3

Internship schedule will be agreed upon by the Institution Advisor of the institution assigned by the university, and the university Internship Advisor.

Consult the Curriculum section for detailed information about Modules and Courses.