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Master's Dissertation

To complete the degree programme, in-service teachers are required to prepare a research project with didactic proposals for implementation in the classroom.

The Master's Dissertation (hereafter MD) will consist of experimental work related to what is usually called "action research", which involves collecting and interpreting data, as well as using research techniques to study a particular aspect of teaching that is of interest. Exceptionally, the MD may focus on more theoretical issues, such as analysis of teaching materials, study of methodological approaches or other theoretical aspects of the teaching-learning process.

For further details on the regulation of the Master's Dissertation, please click on this link: REGULATION


Before beginning their research, students must submit for approval to the coordinators of the Masters a statement outlining their proposed area of research. This proposal should include a title, a summary containing the objectives of the action research project, its methodology and the resources to be used .


Once the proposals have been submitted, the Academic Committee of the Master shall appoint a supervisor for the MD. The relationship between students and their supervisor is extremely important. Students should keep in touch and communicate frequently as they complete their project. The supervisor will support and guide the student in making decisions affecting the structure the project, its contents, its correct presentation and bibliographic referencing. The supervisor will also authorise the submission of the MD.

At the time of submitting their proposal, students may suggest the name of a possible supervisor, although the final decision will be made by the Academic Committee of the Master.


To see some guidelines for writing an action research project, please click on this link: GUIDELINES.

For futher information on Action Research Projects, see the following webpage by Cheron Verster for the British Council and the BBC:

This article "Action Research in Language Teaching" by Thomas S. C. Farrel can also be of great help.


Students will be required to present and defend their work publicly before an Evaluation Committee.

Once the MD is completed, the supervisor will send an electronic copy of the work with a brief report to the President of the Evaluation Committee. The report should state explicitly that the MD is ready for public defence and contain a suggested mark. This must be sent ten days before the date of the public defence. See submission dates for the academic year 2019-2020 in the following link: DATES

The Evaluation Committee will consider the following assessment criteria:



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