Reactivity and Molecular Structure Group
The RESMOL (Reactivity and Molecular Structure Group) of University of Alcala (UAH) is a research group devoted to the investigation of many fundamental processes in chemistry by using ab initio theoretical methods.
Currently we are mainly focused on the study of photoinduced (photochemical and photophysical) processes in chemical and biological systems.
Group photo, "Patio Trilingüe" University of Alcalá,  Nov. 2011.
From left to right: Felipe, (Todor), Alberto, Ángel, Cristina, Alessio, Obis, Luis Manuel, Marco, Daniel, Raúl, Adrián.
(Not in the Photo: Miguel Ángel, Manuel, Pedro, Silvia and Unai)
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Group photo, "Patio Trilingüe" University of Alcalá,  Nov. 2010.
From left to right: Manuel, Alberto, Unai, Obis, Felipe, Daniel, Marco, Alejandro, Luis Manuel and Raúl
Group photo, Dpt. Physical Chemistry,  Nov. 2009.
From left to right: Unai, Alejandro, Obis, Raúl, Sandra, Manuel, Marco, Alberto and Luis Manuel