UWIPOM2 development is getting closer to a reality day to day. Little by little we are managing to microfabricate the tiny elements that make up UWIPOM2 technology. 

In this stage of the research we began to have the need to join these components that, due to the microscale with which we are working, it is not always possible to join them mechanically, fitting them together. So here comes into play Investigating not only with different types of glue,

Our teams are always looking to make this technology safe and suitable for performing inside human bodies.

After performing air-environment current density capacity tests of UWIPOM2 micro-coils, in order to verify its safety use limits, we are going a step further and this time we have performed the same tests in Simulated Body Fluid (SBF).

We have already managed to make the first prototype of a helical antenna around a steel core. 

After testing this first prototype and seeing the results obtained, we have realized that we must use a non-magnetic core. 

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