UWIPOM2´s teams met in a virtual meeting last 23st of April, 2021. The research continues and following the recommendation for this still pandemic situation, the team met on a virtual meeting platform.

We all are sorry about the sudden death of Mr. Jacek Rudnicki by COVID from WUT team. The team of UWIPOM2 presents their condolences to all their colleagues and family, Rest In Peace.

Most of the teams could resume their research activity which was depleted during the hardest months of the current situation caused by the coronavirus COVID-19.

After some adjustments of the micro-winding station and some improvement of the technique, the semiautomatic winding of micro coils is getting faster and more uniform. We are using 0.1mm stainless Steel core pin and 0.025 mm self bonding copper wire but smaller diameters could be used. 

The development of uwipom continues and with it the development of each of the microparts that compose it.

One of our teams from Universidad de Alcalá is working on the development of the microcoils that are part of the UWIPOM2 micromotor. We are testing different micro-winding configurations, improving the workstation as our team faces new problems.

Our biggest problems found and already solved have been:

UWIPOM2’s project coordinator, has participated in the Second edition of the EIC Innovation Training Workshop.

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