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Private companies and public organizations must adapt to the new challenges that globalization poses to society, governments, and businesses. One of the main challenges they face is to add value to their company or organization in the global arena of new technologies, utilization of Big Data and new technological tools. Learning about innovation can help you to solve, anticipate and excel in the face of new challenges. For these companies and organizations it is key to have leaders with advanced knowledge of these issues.

The University of Alcalá offers this invaluable series of Online courses, adapted to the needs of managers, professionals and graduates, and focused on the integration of new technologies in the management and innovation processes of organizations, to improve efficiency processes and to better identify clients and their needs.

University Degree Courses in Innovation from the University of Alcalá

The University Expert Courses are designed based on three main areas: Business Innovation, Public Innovation and Social Innovation. For more information about each course:

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